Epilepsy training for care staff
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to support people with epilepsy
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Supporting and caring for people with epilepsy is an online course for care and support workers.

online epilepsy training for care staff

  • Learn how to manage seizures
  • Keep service users safe
  • Understand the impact of epilepsy

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The course takes 2-3 hours. Access the course online from any computer or tablet.

online epilepsy training for care staffThe course is written by the UK’s leading epilepsy organisation and peer reviewed by healthcare professionals.

Informed by recent research, NICE guidance and CQC standards.

It is the only online course that gives you the comprehensive knowledge you need to support people with epilepsy.

Promoting the CQC’s fundamental standards
Person-centred care | Dignity and respect | Safety

“A well written, easy-to-use, non-patronising course”

– Liz, epilepsy nurse specialist

“It teaches you a lot more than you THINK you know!”

– Anne-Marie, support worker

“Straightforward and easy to follow”

– Sam, senior carer

seizure 01 trasnparent

What does the course cover?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognise different types of seizure
  • Know what to do if someone has a seizure
  • Put safety measures into place to keep people safe
  • Understand how epilepsy is treated
  • Understand the impact of epilepsy on daily life and wellbeing

Learn new facts, watch videos, complete activities, and read case studies.

information standard accredited training for care staffInformation you can trust

All the course material is based on up-to-date medical evidence and peer-reviewed by healthcare professionals.

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Buy course now | £30

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