Epilepsy for teachers

The course takes:
1-2 hours

Access the course online from any
computer or tablet

Cost: Free

Course overview

This is a free online course aimed at school leaders, teachers and staff responsible for special educational needs/additional learning needs. It may also be useful for teaching assistants working directly with children with epilepsy.

The course covers everything included in our Epilepsy awareness for schools, with the addition of 2 more modules. The additional modules include information about what schools should put in place to support the learning, safety and wellbeing of with pupils with epilepsy.

Updated | September 2020

To be reviewed | September 2023

Course aims

Take this course if you want to know more about:

  • Basic facts and figures about epilepsy
  • What to do if a pupil has a seizure at school
  • Some issues that affect children and young people with epilepsy
  • What the law says about supporting pupils with epilepsy
  • What to include in an individual healthcare plan (IHP) and school medical conditions policy
  • How epilepsy can affect learning, behaviour and wellbeing
  • Safety and including pupils with epilepsy