Epilepsy training for primary care nurses

The course takes:
1-2 hours

Access the course online from any
computer or tablet

Cost: Free

Course overview

This course is for nurses working in primary care.

Learn how to provide annual reviews and care planning for people with epilepsy.

The course is designed for health professionals.

This course has been produced under the terms of Epilepsy Action’s information quality standards.

Updated | October 2019

To be reviewed | October 2022

The course covers:

  • What epilepsy is
  • Different types of seizure
  • How epilepsy is diagnosed and treated
  • Treatment reviews and referrals
  • Care and support planning
  • Family planning

The course is peer-reviewed, evidence-based and informed by NICE guidance.

Access the course online from any computer or tablet. It takes 1-2 hours, and includes video and interactive activities to help you learn.