mike web

When I was diagnosed with epilepsy, I was a mess.

On average I’d have 5 or 6 fits every day, each lasting about 2 minutes. The seizures left me feeling really drained. I was constantly covered in cuts and bruises, I broke my jaw, chipped my teeth and kept dislocating my shoulder.

I felt permanently exhausted – a mix of broken nights’ sleep, an aching body from the seizures and strong epilepsy drugs. And also the constant stress and worry – not knowing what the future held for me.

I also suffered a great deal with my bowels. I’ve always been prone to irritable bowel syndrome, and the stress of coming to terms with my epilepsy sent it into over drive.

I had brain surgery a year ago. My day-time fits have now stopped, but I still have the odd one at night. My bed is a double mattress on the floor, surrounded by cushions, so when a fit happens I don’t get nearly as many injuries as I used to.

I still take medication, but less than before. I don’t constantly feel tired anymore and I’m far more productive with my time. And my bowels – let’s just say they are fine most of the time. I get the odd flare up at stressful times , but that’s no change from before I was diagnosed with epilepsy.

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