Epilepsy and you is an exciting new evidence based online self-management programme that has been specially designed to help your patients take steps to live better with epilepsy.

The QISMET accredited programme is available now and helps patients in four areas:

  • Become expert in their epilepsy
  • Gain new skills
  • Actively manage the effects of their epilepsy
  • Aalk to other people with epilepsy

The evaluation of Epilepsy and you by Coventry University found:

Increased patient activation

People who completed Epilepsy and you moved from lacking the knowledge and skills for self managing to beginning to take action to self-manage their epilepsy. Improvements in patient activation were maintained for 3 months after completing the programme.

Increased knowledge, skills and confidence

The evaluation evidenced that participants experience value from the programme. Participants reported increased knowledge, skills and confidence for managing their epilepsy maintained at least 3 months after completing the programme and experience less social isolation after completing the programme.

Participation in Epilepsy and you

Findings from the pilot of Epilepsy and you showed the highest levels of participation with people aged over 50. This shows a relatively higher proportion of participants in this age group who took part Epilepsy and you, demonstrating people of all ages can benefit from the programme.

How can your patients take part?

Epilepsy and you costs £40 and patients work through eight modules, taking around two hours a week for eight weeks. The programme is accessible through any mobile phone, computer or tablet with an internet connection.

Epilepsy and you covers different aspects of epilepsy and self-management, including topics like seizures, safety, travel, feelings, independence, memory, stress management and work.

Contact us to discuss how Epilepsy and you can benefit your patients and to request further information