Training for schools

We have a range of training resources for people working in schools, to help you learn how to best support pupils with epilepsy.

First aid for seizures in schools

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Watch our short films showing what you need to do if a pupil has a seizure in schools. They cover focal, tonic-clonic, absence, myoclonic, tonic, and atonic seizures.

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Free online training

epilepsy for schools in frame 02Epilepsy awareness for schoolsAll school staff can take this course to find out how to work with pupils with epilepsy.

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epilepsy for schools i frameEpilepsy for teachersTake this course to find out more about statutory guidance, individual healthcare plans, learning and behaviour, and pupil safety.

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Epilepsy toolkit for schools

Use our downloadable toolkit to help you support pupils with epilepsy. Complete our online course to find out how to use the resources.

Medical conditions policy guidance (PDF)
Individual healthcare plan (IHP) for epilepsy (Microsoft Word DOC)
IHP prompt questions
Supporting pupils with specific learning and behaviour difficulties (PDF)
Checklist for school trips (Microsoft Word DOC)

Parent of a child with epilepsy?

Are you the parent or carer of a child with epilepsy?

Download our letter for schools and take it into the classroom to let the teacher know about our free training.

Classroom resources

all about epilepsy cover webWe also have classroom resources that you can use to teach your pupils about epilepsy.

You can use them on interactive whiteboards, desktop computers or tablets.

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